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Gold Medal Winner at the Berkeley's Springs International Water Tasting Competition

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Canadian Gold Beverages

Offers quality thirst quenchers. The Company is a privately owned Manitoba Canadian based company, bottling premium water at source in Marchand, Manitoba, Canada. Canadian Gold Beverages has unique products and bottling capacity that will suit your portfolio. We provide Artesian Water, Sparkling Mineral Water and Springwater that contains “zero Nitrates”, very low sodium content, and other natural minerals that occur at our pristine source.

Canadian Gold™ Beverages has won over the past years “Gold Medal”

At the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition for the “Best Tasting Sparkling Water in the World”.

Our production facility is registered with
FDA Registration # 14018142512
CFIA Safe Food Licence # 9PB6KVRT
Permit to Operate Food Handling Establishment #000-005346

Our Company offers eco-friendly packaging of its water in PCR content bottles and also offers glass bottle packaging. Canadian Gold Beverages is in the unique position of being able to offer its customers Still Artesian Water TDS 220 and Sparkling Mineral Water TDS 263. Canadian Gold Beverages can offer its customers either Private Label or In-House Labels.

Some of Canadian Gold’s features are:

  1. PRIVATE LABEL Branding
  3. In-house R&D Department and in-house microbiology testing
  4. Complete packaging including: bottles, caps, labels, tray and shrink-wrap, and/or boxes
  5. We provide transportation arrangements and border clearing documents for USA/Mexico and Overseas
  6. We meet CFIA/FDA requirements and registered with both agencies
  7. In-house invoicing to various distribution points.
  8. The Company is ideally situated in the geographic centre of North America making it a key part of the Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation corridor.


2017AwardSparkling Mineral

Our Water

Canadian Gold Natural Artesian Water is bottled at the source and drawn from an aquifer deep within the pristine and protected Canadian wilderness. Sands and minerals from the last ice age provide filtration and minerals offering an incredibly fresh, pure, and classic taste. Our exceptional water has absolutely no nitrates, is enriched with calcium and magnesium, and has a zero sodium rating, making Canadian Gold Water unparalleled in purity, healthfulness, and quality.

Canadian Gold Beverages' Sparkling Mineral Water under its various HOUSE Brands (TOUCH and Canadian Gold) has won numerous Gold Medals. In 2017 Canadian Gold Beverages was the only company to ever win “Medals” in both categories for Sparkling Mineral Water and Bottled water in the same year.

With a light mineral composition and a soft sparkle, Canadian Gold Sparkling Mineral Water has an exceptionally pure and clean taste, rivaling and exceeding many of the other fine international sparkling waters in quality and taste. Canadian Gold Natural Artesian Water is an award-winning water similar in mineral composition to other exotic waters from far off islands and remote locations around the world. What makes our still water so unique and spectacular is the fact that it is bottled at the source, right here in North America.

Quality is in our nature Canadian Gold "Where Purity & Great Taste Matter"